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What is the band's name?  Dive Bomb Jupiter
When was it born?  September 16, 2011
Where did it come from?  An underground lab, Minnesota
Why is it here?  To make people jump up and down

Dive Bomb Jupiter is, essentially, Allen Baker, surrounded by a cluster of machines, synths, and sound modules, accompanied by an endless library of loops.

Audiences will verify, Dive Bomb Jupiter is committed to spreading the gospel of groove. Tirelessly, relentlessly, unremittingly, DBJ travels the globe, promoting the healing powers of sine waves mixed with square waves mixed with sawtooth waves.

The Early Years

For birthday number one, Allen was given Raymond Scott’s album series, Soothing Sounds for Baby. Scott is known as one of the early pioneers of electronic music, with compositions performed on electronic instruments conceived and built entirely by Scott himself. Not only were Scott’s compositions electronically based, it can be argued that he helped define the use of patterns and loops, after developing early incarnations of the modern day sequencer.

Soothing Sounds for Baby played in almost constant rotation during Allen’s infancy and formative years. The albums were rarely sleeved, taking up permanent residence on the turntable. Clearly, if anyone can be blamed for Dive Bomb Jupiter, it is Raymond Scott.

What Is The SounD?

BPM range:  94 – 130 bpm
Key signature:  For those keeping score, roughly 60% of DBJ selections are either in the keys of A, D, or F.
Genre:  Electronica
Subgenre:  Pure, unfiltered synth pop.

Ear-witness testimonials reveal these commonly used descriptors:

“A mid-tempo wonderland.”
“Bothers my pets.”

Note: While attending a Dive Bomb Jupiter performance, people are often driven to groove. Internal studies conducted by Dive Bomb Jupiter have shown that audiences, across the demographic spectrum, are compelled to dance, immediately, as the first set begins. This is largely autonomic, and cannot be helped. They are now primed and ready to order drinks.

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